United Steelworkers Historical Time Line:

The United Steelworkers Historical timeline has been designed to complement McMaster University's "United Steelworkers of America" Labour Studies Certificate Course. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the key events that have occurred within the history of the United Steelworkers in Canada. Click here to discover more!

History of the Canadian Auto Workers:

This site will introduce the user to this early history. It traces the origins of industrial trade unionism, the struggles to establish collective bargaining in the 1930s and 1940s, and the decision by the Canadian locals of the United Automobile Workers to form an independent Canadian union, the Canadian Automobile Workers in the mid-1980s. Click here to discover more!

The Labour Gazette

The Labour Gazette was first published in 1900 when the Department of Labour was created. According to W. L. MacKenzie King, the first editor, and future Prime Minister of Canada, The Gazette was "published with a view to the dissemination of accurate statistical information relating to labour conditions and kindred subjects. " For many years it remained an important forum for discussing issues of concern to Canadian workers.

There are approximately 1243 articles available online.

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